blown hemi daytona chargermopar suspension, chassis, and brakes

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Celebrating over 30 years of building some of the finest Mopars and products around!

You've seen us on Monster Garage,  Wrecks to Riches,  American Hot Rod, Street Customs, Graveyard Carz, Gearz TV, Fast N Loud, Misfit Garage, Rides, and more.

Now step in to the home of the highest quality Mopar Chassis, Suspension, Brakes, and Drivetrains available for Mopars. 

Check out Complimentary products from some of the finest manufacturers of high performance racing and performance components available,

including our own Magnum Force Suspension, Chassis and Brake Components, TTI - Tube Technologies Inc., Milodon Oiling Systems,  

Wilwood Disc Brakes Strange Engineering, Viking, and more.

2 Cool New Mopar Projects at Magnum Force
Mike Kroegers Hemi Challenger Mike Kroegers Hemi Challenger
Mike Kroegers 1970 Blown Hemi 70 Challenger
 Viper powered Challenger Viper powered Challenger
1970 Dodge Challenger XRT gets a Viper GTS V10


On the set of Graveyard Carz with Mark Worman. 70 Cuda Transformer Installation and dropped leaf springs





Mopa Suspensions

Mopar Tubular XRT Suspension


Mopar Modular Transformer Suspension A, B, E-body Dodge and Plymouth

mopar tubular control arm carbon fiber coated closeup mopar tubular control arm carbon fiber

Magnumforce Adjustable Tubular Control Arms Mopars

Magnum Force Tubular Upper Control Arms for Moparss


transformer modular mopar suspension conversion

Tubular XRT Suspension Conversion for 73-74 B-Bodies

Mopar Dropped Spindles Dodge Plymouth

Magnum Force Mopar Dropped Spindles !





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